Evidence Suggest The Great Sphinx May Predate the Egyptian Civilization

How old is this statue and who really built it? We are still lead to believe that it was built by Pharoah Khafre during the Old Kingdom but geological water weathering research and reanalysis of seismic studies indicate that it may have been carved by an advanced civilization that predated the Egyptians…

Great Sphinx of Egypt

Ancient Destinations - Redating the Great Sphinx

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Peru’s Mysterious Markawasi Rock Carvings

These words (from John Michell, Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist, 2005) resonated in my mind as I explored the Markawasi Plateau. I had come to this small plateau (about 2 miles long by a little over half a mile wide) in the Andes, towering above the town of San Pedro de Casta (50 miles northeast of Lima), at an elevation of over 12,000 feet above sea level…

Human Head at Markawasi
Ancient Destinations - Marcahuasi

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