Amazing Discovery Contradicts Mainstream Archaeology Teachings

Each and every scientific discovery sends a small ripple through academia – it changes what we know about the world around us in a fundamental but usually quite subtle way. A breathtaking new study in Nature, however, is more of a tidal wave, a revolution in the way we understand the story of humanity…

Ancient Humans in North America

Ancient Destinations - Ancient Human Activities in North America

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Does Mainstream Archaeology Acknowledge Giant Humans?

One of the most controversial subjects regarding the ancient prehistoric cultures of North America concerns what we refer to as the Unique Physical Types (UPT). For the purposes of what follows, these UPT are often gigantic humanoid skeletons with…

Mysterious Lost Race of Giants

Ancient Destinations - Giant Humans

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Massive Ancient Palace Found in Mexico

The remains of an ancient palace complex dating back 2,300 years have been unearthed Mexico’s Valley of Oaxaca. It is the oldest royal building excavated to date in the area, providing some of the earliest evidence of early states’ emergence in Mesoamerica…

El Palenque Royal Palace

Ancient Destinations - 2,300 Year Old Palace Discovered in Mexico

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